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"Digital Strategies & Leadership" gives answers to the most urging questions on the changing digital world of communications: how can companies be perceived as digital leaders - no matter if their business model is on- or offline based? What meaningful Social Media Strategies can be implemented to support a company's business and communication targets? And how can business leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs profit from the various online possibilities and stand out from the crowd? CommsART creates digital strategies that underline a business' outside profile and are taylored to the needs of their community. 

Digital Strategies & Leadership

We answer most urging questions on the changing world of communications: what sets you apart in a digitalised world and how can you attain digital leadership?


  • Developing overarching online communications strategies and concepts

  • Web-Service  -  A Review of your current Website from the communications and strategic angle

  • Online Positioning Strategies

  • Digital Leadership Communications and CEO Positioning (e.g. "The first 100 days")

  • Online Reputation Building

  • Digital- and Social Media Strategies

  • Risk Assessments and Analyses

  • Social Media Crisis Management and Preparedness

  • Personal and Profile Branding

  • Community Management

  • Benchmarking and digital footprint analyses

  • Internal Social Media Guidelines and Corporate Identity Definition

  • Social Media Audit - A review of your current Social Media Strategy and Channels

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