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Crisis & Reputation Management

We answer most urging questions on the changing world of communications: what sets you apart in a digitalised world and how can you attain digital leadership?

Envision: your business is running fantastic. High revenues, a steadily growing happy client base, a profound reputation basis. And suddently it's there - the crisis. Crises can have various causes. They can be ignited by economic, political and societal issues, small and big. The majority of them, however, emerge from the inside due to human error. Not every crisis has a severe outcome. But neglecting the rules of crisis management can start a vicious circle that may put the reputation of companies and individuals at risk. CommsART can help you three-fold:



In-depth risk analysis of your business model and most likely crisis scenarios + deriving of Crisis-Master-Handbook.



Not every crisis can be prevented, a residual risk always remains. In case of a crisis, CommsART will manoeuvre you through its various phases - from the acute stage to the follow-up of a crisis. The latter is one of the most important phases which oftentimes requires true change processes to be considered and implemented. They are all part of the final part: Reputation Management.



We will jointly analyse and decide how you and your company need to position and re-shape your appearance in the middle and long-term. This implies change processes and related measures that often cause a real turnaround - to the better for the company. It is an extremely exciting phase giving you the opportunity to almost start from anew and rebuild trust and confidence in your products, people and decisions.

Shit storm

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