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Corporate Communications & PR

Communication orchestrates all measures and strategic decisions aimed at strengthening the reputation of a business, to the outside and inside. CommsART supports businesses in crafting, steering and executing these measures so that communications around people, topics, events or corporate decisions reaches audiences timely, with the right words and in the right setting. The scope of work includes the following communication elements: 


  • Development of overarching communications strategies 

  • Influencer Mapping and strategic Influencer Relations

  • Positioning Strategies

  • CEO Positioning (online and offline)

  • Purpose Communications

  • Emotional Branding 

  • Storytelling & Narrative Development

  • Content Marketing

  • Employer Branding

  • Digital- and Social Media Communications

  • Media Relations & PR work 

  • Community Management

Communications is an integral part of corporate management and leadership. We support businesses in crafting, steering and executing their strategies.

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