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Leadership & Change Communication

Change requires leadership, an innovative, transforming mindset and courage. You bring the courage, we help you transform your business successfully.

Unlike a disseminated common sense, change is more than implementing new platforms, introducing new technologies or simply involving IT. It requires leadership, an innovative, transforming mindset and cultural change that is communicated and carried top-down first before it can be played back bottum-up. This is in particular true for komplex topics like the Digital Transformation. In this case, people often fear something they don't even know. This "unknown"  requires to be explained and experienced - through communications first, followed by IT.


Internal Snapshot Analysis

We look at the cause of a often deeply rooted problem in your internal processes, communications structures and perception gaps between your employees and the management. Oftentimes, conflicts smoulder under the surface making them intangible for the management or teams. The analysis can therefore also shed light on the status quo of a team and my disclose interesting and valueable insights.

Change Stresstest 

You intend to ignite a change process. But are your employees and the management prepared and ready to support this fundamental transition? Do they share your mindset or may their views and attitudes pose obstacles threatening the success of the change process? We will find out for you. The results of this Stresstest will inform you about the major set-screws that allow you to successfully implement change.

Change and Employee Communications Strategy

Change can have many motivations, many of them are event-driven. It can be an M&A, a restructuring, a CEO-change We will support you with the development and roll-out of your Change Strategy. Following the launch, we are happy to accompany and monitor the progress, benchmarking it to set KPIs and defined success factors.

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