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Executive Communications
in critical times  



We help leaders, corporates and entrepreneurs to empower their businesses with targeted and sustained communicationto protect their reputation, build strong relationships and drive the success of their business long-term. We unlock the true potential in communications of corporates in the digital age.

Communications in all its facets is business critical. It's professional, prudent use determines the reputation of companies and their outside perception as a leading, trusted market player. Communications has a direct effect on each business and its objectives. We craft communications measures, structures and pattern that manage these objectives.

We all share the same passion. We love provoking change through communications and smooth the way for an increased visibilty and public perception of our clients. 




We are a network of communications professionals and consultants coming form journalism, PR, politics, business and law. Each member brings in a wealth of international experience and network in their respective areas.


Given its nature, CommsART is as divers as the corporate world and its issues. Each project and problem is different and requires specific competencies and experiences. We serve these needs individually by drawing from our expertise and tayloring individual teams that match the situation at our clients.

We build and execute communications strategies. Destined for the success of our clients.


We come in where silos rule and new impulses are needed. And sometimes, our job is to put a finger at weak spots. 
Nadine Bütow

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